Lauterborn Electric IMG_3038We were called to the Far Northeast of Philadelphia by a customer who found us on Angie’s List and needed a new 100 Amp service.  The reason they needed a new 100 Amp service was because they were getting water in their panel and meter which caused corrosion and oxidation.  The pictures show the before and after pictures of the work that was done.  IMG_3049 Lauterborn ElectricThe old panel was mounted right to the wall so we needed to build a backboard for it so if water were to come thru the wall again, the panel would not get wet.   The outside was done the Lauterborn Electric way being piped all the way up to help protect the cable from the weather.  If you need any type of Electrical work and are looking for a licensed electrical contractor contact your Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to enlarge.