Lauterborn ElectricOxidation and corrosion are 2 of the most common degenerative conditions when trying to keep your homes electric up and running safely. Water, moisture, dampness, and exposure to the elements are factors that compromise your electrical equipment leading to the deterioration and eventually failure. Checking your main electrical service cable and replacing it as soon as it becomes frayed or the straLauterborn Electricnds become exposed can keep your equipment from getting exposed to the elements. By replacing your service cable as soon as deterioration is evident can save you the expense of replacing your entire main electrical service equipment.  Normally the exposure begins at the service cable line on the exterior of your home and eventually works its way into the meter and evenLauterborn Electric into the main electrical panel and breakers. Once the equipment is exposed to water, replacing it is necessary to keep you electrical system safe. As electricians we also see the deterioration of the grounding of the main electrical system in moist or damp basements. Not having a properly grounded electrical system can create an unsafe condition. If your grounding fails, the potential for unwanted energized parts such as your plumbing or HVAC system exists. For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed electrician Lauterborn Electric.