1. Your service entrance cable or meter socket looks like the images below:

Once your service cable becomes frayed to the point of exposed strands, water can get inside your electric meter creating a potential hazardous situation.

2. Your receptacles are getting warm to the touch or look like the image below:

Painting of your receptacles is not recommended and can lead to hardened paint restricting the operation of the device.

3. You do not have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection in your kitchen, bathrooms,unfinished basement, outdoor or near water.

If one of your appliances or a hair dryer becomes defective and is leaking current while in use near water, it can lead to shock hazard.

4. Your ground wire is getting warm or arcing where attached to your cold water line. Or, if your lights are blinking

If the main service cables grounded conductor becomes corroded or loses contact, your cold water ground becomes the path for electric to return back to the source. This can lead to electrical shock or failure.

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