Lauterborn Electric was just called because a client had half power.  When we got there we saw some of the worst corrosion and hazards we had ever seen.  The pictures do not do it justice. You can see the corrosion and that one of the main legs going into the property had been eaten away because of the amount of water that was in the meter.  When we arrived the meter had 3 inches of water in it and smelled awful.  We believe that still water, a mixture of chemicals used to brick point the back and/or the stain used to finish the deck of this house may have help cause the wires to disintegrate.  The cable was also severely frayed and water was pouring in it from Super Storm Sandy.  On top of it all, the house was not properly grounded.  It was a good thing he called a licensed, certified and highly qualified electrician to take care of the problems.  If you are having a problem with your main electrical service Contact Lauterborn Electric for all you Electric needs big or small. Click Images to Enlarge.