We as Electricians often tell our costumers the wiring or installation is up to code, or the upgrade will bring the wiring up to code. But what does that mean? Where does this code come from?  The National Electrical Code (NEC) is the document that qualified electricians follow when performing electrical installations and repairs. The NEC is the minimum requirement for electrical installations. Most municipalities follow the NEC when electrical inspections are conducted in their jurisdiction. The National Electrical code is an extensive document and qualified electricians spend years in learning and understanding what the NEC requires for proper installations. To become a licensed Electrician in Philadelphia you must have a vast knowledge of the NEC. A condition to keeping your license is continuing education on the NEC.  Every three years the NEC produces an updated document with changes to improve the safety and technology in the electrical field. These changes are proposed by electricians or electrical professionals and are debated and approved by the NEC for the betterment of the document. A qualified electrician is constantly learning the NEC to provide safe and proper installations for their customers. For all of your electrical needs contact your Licensed Electrician Lauterborn Electric.