Replacing your main electrical panel because of age or deterioration is the perfect time to evaluate the size of your service and spacing in your main electrical panel. We at Lauterborn Electric often recommend upgrading to a bigger service and panel if you are considering renovations or for future electrical needs.

The images below show before and after panel upgrades.

The undersized panels on the left had double tapped breakers, no room for expansion and no GFCI protection for receptacle next to panel. Corrosion was also evident in both panels.  The panel upgrades on the right, installed by Lauterborn Electric, have plenty of room for future wiring and GFCI protection.

Laying out your future plans when it comes to the electricity in your business or home must be considered to avoid additional expenses when the time comes for upgrades. Making sure that a qualified electrician does the work is just, if not more, important to avoid future problems. Protecting the service entrance cable from physical damage, properly grounding the main electrical system and where and how to mount and dress the panel are a few of the essentials that if not done correctly may cost a business or home owner in the future. For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed electrician Lauterborn Electric.  Click image to enlarge.