The service entrance cable that feeds the main electrical panel of your home is normally located on the exterior of your home and exposed to the weather conditions. With time, the service entrance cable starts to become worn or frayed due to expansion and contraction because of the hot and cold temperatures it has to go through. Once the cable becomes frayed, moisture starts to penetrate the cable potentially running into the equipment creating oxidation and also the degrading of the cables inner strands. We at Lauterborn Electric often see improper installations of service cables that can shorten its life span. Not protecting the cable from physical damage on the exterior or where the cable enters the home are common mistakes made by unqualified electricians. Typically, if your service entrance cable needs repair, more than likely the service panel and grounding are outdated and not up to the latest codes. Once you see your service entrance cable frayed, contacting a qualified electrician is essential to protecting you and your family from potential power outage or an unsafe electrical condition. For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed Electrical contractor Lauterborn Electric.

The images above show service entrance cables and a outdated and over loaded fuse box in degrading condition that were replaced by Lauterborn Electric.