We recently replaced an outdated service that was causing electrical issues for the home owner. The images below left are what we found and the images on the right are the upgrades. 

The images above left show the existing service with a combination fuse and breaker boxes with various code violations. The cable entering the home had decayed to the point of failure.

The images on the right show the new electrical panel with new breakers and proper bonding and grounding. The service was sleeved in EMT (Electrical metallic tubing) to protect the cable from physical damage.

The images below show two ceiling fans installed by Lauterborn Electric. The proper fan rated junction boxes were installed to secure the fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to enhance the look while also helping to circulate air in a room.

For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed electrical contractor Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to Enlarge.