The main electrical service in your home is the foundation electrically to the wiring of your home. Without a properly sized service you cannot properly or safely wire your home. Services come in different shapes and sizes. Knowing the electrical load of your property is essential to properly sizing your main electrical service.  The square footage of your home, major appliances such as your oven, hot water heater, and your home’s heating are factors that must be considered when sizing your main electrical service. Most modern era homes are set up with a 200Amp service to not only provide for the current home electrical needs, but also future electrical needs. Many unqualified electricians will cram an under-sized service or panel to create space for additional circuitry. This practice can lead to potential overload or overheating.

When changing or upgrading your main service contact your licensed electrical contractor Lauterborn Electric to provide all the necessary calculations to properly size your service.