The Philadelphia fire department is constantly reminding people of the importance of fire alarms in their homes. The recent tragedy in the Tacony section in where three people perished is a sad reminder of the lack of proper working fire alarm systems in many mixed or multi used buildings.

The City of Philadelphia has many homes and multi-function units throughout the city that were built before modern day wiring was available. Many multi-family units that we come across are buildings with outdated wiring and no proper working fire alarm systems. In some instances gas is not available or has been disconnected. Electric is the only option to power up in some of these buildings and to cut on costs many of these building owners find the cheapest type of labor to make these units function.

Unfortunately many of these “handymen” are unlicensed and unskilled in the electrical field with no knowledge of any electrical or fire alarm codes. This can lead to unsafe electrical conditions.

Many of the electrical fires in a multi-family or mixed use (Small business on first floor and apartments above) are a result of neglectful or cost- saving measures that sometimes compromise human life.

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