Gone are the days when you walked into a room and hit a single switch to a controlled receptacle and a lamp would come on. Also gone are the undersized light fixtures in the center of a room dimly lit. The modern home lighting has brightened and broadened the horizon with a variety of options. Recessed lighting has become the main source of lighting in contemporary homes. Other options include sconces, track, and under cabinet lighting to balance and enhance the lighting in a room. Creating the right lighting in a place where you spend a significant amount of time is essential.

There are several things to consider when deciding on your lighting options for the interior of your home.

 1 Lighting of a general area such as a large room or a hallway

 2 Function or task lighting in the kitchen and bathroom areas

 3 Accent lighting to highlight an object such as art or a piece of furniture

Dimmers are a must to control intensity and set the mood to a room. There are a variety of decorative styles of dimmers to choose from.

We must not forget exterior lighting.  One of the first impressions of your home is the front door exterior light fixture. When selecting an exterior light, the décor and security of you home must be considered. Low voltage accent lighting is also available for exterior decks or gardens.

Having a game plan and consulting with your electrician is important when deciding on your lighting upgrades.Contact your licensed electrical contractor Lauterborn Electric for all your lighting needs.