So you have an electrical problem and your uncle who happens to be handy (he hung a few pictures in your home and they appear to be level) says he can fix it and save you money.

It does not have to be an uncle, but we hear this type of story all the time.

A customer in the Fishtown neighborhood in Philadelphia was selling his home. As standard procedure a home inspection was required as part of the settlement. The home had some exposed knob and tube wiring that was spliced illegally. His uncle assured him he could handle this simple problem, and save him money in the process. When he finished cleaning up the problem and restored power back to the circuits, the light bulbs in the fixtures began to glow very bright and started exploding. After we repaired the mistakes made by the uncle and cleaned up the violations, the work cost the home owner twice what they would have paid originally.

Here are a few examples of violations that a qualified electrician does not make.

-Your service entrance cable must be protected from physical damage when exposed to the public. The image below shows exposed cable next to a service installed by Lauterborn Electric with EMT (electrical metallic tubing) to protect the cable.

-The image below shows a kitchen renovation without counter GFCI receptacles installed, a violation.

-The oven outlet on the image below was installed in a junction box too small and the wiring exposed is not protected from physical damage.

-Trying to squeeze more circuits to an over loaded panel can create more problems than solutions. The image below left shows a panel with many violations. The image on the right is a panel installed by Lauterborn Electric.

These are just a few of many violations we see on a daily basis. Leave your wiring to the Pros. Contact your Licensed Electrical Contractor Lauterborn Electric for all of your electrical needs.