We at Lauterborn Electric have a few reminders to keep your family and home safe for the New Year.

  • If you are using electric space heaters make sure the receptacle you are plugging into can handle such a load. Small space heaters sold at your local do it yourself centers draw large amounts of power. Plugging such a unit in a device supplied by older wiring could lead to overheating.
    If you are plugging in outdoor equipment with snow on the ground make sure you are plugging into a receptacle with GFCI protection. Ground fault circuit interrupters protect you from a potential hazard if the equipment malfunctions electrically.
    Test your smoke detectors to make sure they are working properly. In our travels we often see home owners  remove the smoke detector because of chirping or nuisance alarms. If your smoke detector is chirping it more than likely needs a battery replacement.

Your Licensed Electrical Contractor Lauterborn Electric wishes you and your family a Healthy and Happy New Year.