Lauterborn Electric recently received a phone call from a close friend, fellow alum (North Catholic and Temple) and proud member of the Lauterborn Electric All-Star softball team regarding his new home.  The house, purchased by one of Philadelphia’s finest, received an inspectors report showing problems with the electrical service.  When we surveyed the service we noticed that the insulation on the cable had frayed to the point where water could invade the equipment.  When we opened the meter socket and panel, we confirmed that corrosion was already taking place. The grounding to the system was inadequate and the panel was mounted directly to the exterior wall. We recommended a new 200 AMP service upgrade to allow for future electrical upgrades.


The images below show what we saw when we first arrived to the Mikey O’s residence.



The images above show a new 200 AMP service sleeved in PVC to protect the wiring and a new 200AMP panel with plenty of space to allow for future wiring.  The image below shows how our custumer felt about the work performed by Lauterborn Electric.

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