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Ceiling fans should be installed by a qualified Electrician

by Lauterborn Electric on January 27th, 2012

There are many variations, sizes, and styles when it comes to ceiling fans. The look and decor of the room should be considered when selecting a ceiling fan.  A ceiling fan installed in a room can not only circulate the air but can also enhance the look of the space. A light fixture can be added to a ceiling fan to illuminate the area.  When installing a ceiling fan, a junction box that is rated for proper support of the fan is a must.  Making sure that the wiring is safe for this application is also another important factor.


Other things to consider

  • -The ceiling height should be considered. The NEC (National Electrical Code) requires ceiling fan blades not hang down lower than seven feet.
  • -Mounting rods are available for higher ceilings.
  • -The quality and price of a ceiling fan normally go hand in hand.
  • -When choosing a ceiling fan for a bedroom, a quieter fan motor should be part of the equation when selecting the fan.
  • -Remote fan controls are also available for convenience.

We strongly recommend that the installation of a ceiling fan be left to a qualified electrician.

If the installation of a ceiling fan is not handled properly problems could occur. Fan failure or a fan falling from your ceiling can be the result. Keep your family safe and let your Licensed Electrical Contractor, Lauterborn Electric, install your ceiling fans.