If Santa came down your chimney wearing an electrician’s tool pouch what would he make sure your home had for the Holidays? Here are 5 things he would make sure you have to keep your home and family safe for the Holidays.

1        He would make sure your smoke detectors were in working order. Smoke detectors should be hard wired, interconnected, and placed in all bedrooms and at each level of your home. A combination smoke/ carbon monoxide detector should be installed within 10 feet of all bedrooms.  

2        He would install tamper resistant receptacles to protect children from inserting objects and coming in contact with energized parts.

3        He would make sure that you would have GFCI protection to all bathroom, kitchen counter, outdoor, and unfinished basement receptacles to protect you and your family from potential ground faults.

4        He would install a switch for your receptacles where you plug in your Christmas lights to keep you from bending over and possibly pulling a back muscle.

5        He would make sure you have Lauterborn Electric’s website to contact the other 364 days of the year when he is resting.

Do not hesitate to contact your licensed Electrical Contractor Lauterborn Electric for all of you electrical needs.