We recently received a phone call from a homeowner who was having a problem with her power going on and off when she used her washer. When we arrived the power was on and asked the customer to run her washer. Of course the power did not go off to the customers’ amazement and we assured her this normally happens once the Electrician is present.

We traced the line back to the panel and found nothing abnormal until we opened up the main electrical panel. Water had been compromising the panel for some time.  This situation if left unattended could have had a worse result.

The images below show the oxidation and corrosion we found on the main connections and panel box. Also, the water damaged exterior cable and outdated meter socket.

We recommended a new 200 AMP service to replace the existing panel and exterior cable.

The images below show the new 200 AMP panel, and the new meter socket with cable sleeved with PVC to protect it from damage installed by Lauterborn Electric.

If you are getting an interruption of power when using major appliances, do not hesitate to contact your Licensed Electrical Contractor Lauterborn Electric for an evaluation.  For all your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to Enlarge.