If the electrical equipment in your home is showing signs of corrosion or oxidation (rust), this condition can lead to electrical failure. Water, moisture and dampness are conditions that are not conducive to good electrical wiring and can lead to corrosion of your electrical connections.

The images above show oxidation affecting connections to these two junction boxes.

Corrosion of electrical equipment can lead to connections becoming oxidized (rusted) creating a potential loss of power or overheating of wiring leading to a potential fire hazard. Most of the wiring in your home is rated for use in indoor and dry locations. Water, dampness or moisture can make your wiring less than safe.

These two images above resulted in power being interrupted. The junction box on the left caused a complete power outage of three apartments.

We as electricians often see water entering your outdoor metering or indoor panel through the service cable that was not properly installed. Water is a good conductor and if it comes in contact with your equipment can lead to a potential shock hazard.

The images above are just a few of the problems that we as electricians run into. These conditions are a result of years of neglect. Keep your wiring and family safe. For all your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to Enlarge.