This huge grey stone Victorian house built in 1950 was decaying from years of neglect and lack of maintenance. The original wiring had been abused, overused and extended. The method of wiring houses built in that era was knob and tube. Each bedroom was supplied with only one receptacle. The kitchen lacked enough power to supply today’s modern appliances. In the basement, the choice of wiring was shielded cable that had become corroded over the years.

We recommended a complete rewiring of this huge over 5000 square foot house bringing it up to all electrical codes. On the third floor we took advantage of the attic and pulled several floor boards to run the wiring. The second floor was more of a challenge trying to limit damage to the walls and ceilings. Some surgical notches and handy fishing kept damage to a minimum. On the first floor, we took advantage of the exposed beams below.

The kitchens and bathrooms were completely gutted and reconstructed. The owners kept the integrity of the home’s era in the open general areas. The bathrooms and kitchen were given a more modern look. After many months of tedious work, renovating this house to a home was a complete success.

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