When we began the Casa project, the building was completely gutted down to the exterior walls. The owner had a vision of renovating this Philadelphia row home into a place where business interaction and lodging for prospective clients could take place.

After many meetings with the owner and general contractor, we came up with a game plan.

The lighting throughout would be recessed with adjustable gimbals over the stairs and hallways to accent wall art. In the kitchen, we would supplement the ceiling lighting with under counter lighting. Sconces would be used to light up the patios as well as the stairway leading to the upper decks. A combination of sconces and recessed lighting would illuminate the bathrooms.

All the wiring was to be done to meet all electrical codes. Phone and cable lines were to be run throughout. Decora style receptacles and dimmers were planned to give the devices a contemporary look. Lastly, a video intercom system would be installed for security purposes.

A lot of time, planning and coordination went into this project. In the end, we ended up with a beautifully finished project and a very satisfied customer. It was well worth the time and effort.

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