All Lighting fixtures come with a wattage size and type of lamp specification which is usually on the fixture itself. This specification must be closely observed for your fixture to operate safely. The image shows some of the different shapes and sizes that lamps come in. Installing the wrong lamp in a fixture could lead to damaging of the fixture or over heating of the fixture and wires.

The image below is a recessed light trim with specific lamp specifications.

Here is some information regarding light fixture safety.

1 All fixtures must have a UL (underwriters’ laboratory) rating which means the fixture was tested and the lamp size and type established.

2 As the image on the right shows, some fixtures come with insulation to protect the wiring from overheating. Many unqualified electricians remove this insulation to make it easier for them to install. This practice is not recommended because the fixture is designed with this insulation to protect the wiring from overheating

3 All recessed lighting comes with thermal protection, and have very specific lamp and wattage rating that must be followed. Installing a higher wattage lamp can cause the thermal guard to overheat and shut the fixture off. Another unsafe practice by unqualified electricians is the removal of this thermal guard creating a potential hazard situation

For the safety of your home, make sure the lamps on your fixtures are properly rated.

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