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Updating the wiring in your home

by Lauterborn Electric on July 26th, 2011

If your home was built before 1950, it was more than likely wired with knob and tube. Today, major appliances, sensitive electronic equipment, and demands for electricity make knob and tube wiring inadequate.

As demonstrated through the image above, many homes have been modified or extended beyond the knob and tube wiring capabilities, creating a potentially unsafe environment. If you have only a few knob and tube circuits accessible, they will be inexpensive to replace. But, if the home has knob and tube wiring throughout, an upgrade may involve more than just replacing existing circuits and thus, require a greater investment. By upgrading, the wiring will be replaced with today’s standards.


The images below illustrate outdated knob and tube wiring

It is common for homes with knob and tube wiring to have just one outlet per room though current codes require an outlet installation within 6 feet of any point along the wall.   This probably also means that you will need to upgrade the breaker panel to accommodate the additional circuits. In the end, it is generally well worth the investment to upgrade to a modern electrical system.

If you are looking to bring your home up to the current electrical codes, contact your licensed electrical contractor, Lauterborn Electric, to help you formulate a game plan.