One problem that we often run into is devices such as receptacles and switches back stabbed instead of the wring wrapped around the devices’ screw.  Although some devices are made with the option to back stab, we find that with time these connections become loose. This can create an arcing situation in the device causing the wiring to heat up. In some cases power is interrupted.  In a worst-case scenario an overheated device could cause a fire. The image above shows an overheated back stabbed receptacle.

Many main service electrical panels are not rated for the installation of twin breakers. Many unqualified electricians load up these panels with twin breakers to create additional space. The image above shows a panel that was overloaded with twin breakers. This practice is unsafe and can lead to overheating or panel failure.

We also run into the situation where the main electrical panel does not have additional space and wires are doubled up on a breaker. This can create an overheating of the wires. Not only does the image above show poor workmanship, it also has double tapped breakers, an electrical violation.

The images above of work done by others are just some of the violations we come across almost daily Do not let an unqualified electrician handle something as serious as your electrical wiring. Contact your licensed electrical contractor Lauterborn Electric if you have concerns about the electric in your home.