We recently were called by a repeat customer in need of some lighting ideas for his living and dining room areas. The walls and ceilings were finished and the customer thought that running surface wire molding or EMT (electric metallic tubing) were his only options. After evaluating the situation we came up with a plan for lighting with minimal damage while concealing the wires.

The living room had a switched outlet as a source of light and the walls were solid. We recommended sconces in walls that we could fish wires through from the basement.

In the dining room, we removed a small piece of molding, made a small notch, and fished lines from the wall to the ceiling.  Track lighting was the choice of lighting by the customer. We also installed dimmers to control the intensity of the lighting.

Here is what the customer wrote on Google as a review.

“I had Larry put an outlet in over a year ago and he was quick, clean, and cost effective! I kept his card and recently had him do some lighting work for me. He made GREAT suggestions! Larry did an amazing job and made my lighting look great! I was thrilled with the job, since everyone else I spoke to told me the job had to be done in a way where wires needed to be exposed, but Larry had ideas to do the job and conceal all the wiring. Clearly, Larry was more creative and willing to work harder. My living room would have looked terrible if I went with anyone else.”

At the conclusion of the work we had another very satisfied customer. He even gave us a rave review on Google. For all of your lighting needs do not hesitate to contact your Licensed electrical contractor Lauterborn Electric.   Click Images to Enlarge.