A good friend and customer called informing us that her small electric dryer had stopped working and a strong burning odor was coming from one of her receptacles. When we opened the device, we discovered the image below.

Luckily, the circuit shut off or this could possibly have caused a fire.

When should you call your local electrician, Lauterborn Electric?

  1. If your lights are blinking or dimming
  2. If your device plates are hot to the touch
  3. If you have a burning rubbery or electrical smell
  4. If your appliances are working inconsistently
  5. If you are tripping breakers or blowing fuses
  6. If your devices are loose or the plug falls out easily
  7. If your outlets are sparking or making a crackling sound

You can always contact your licensed electrician, Lauterborn Electric, for free advice on all your electrical questions.