Is the wiring for your major appliances adequate?

Most major appliances require a significant amount of current to operate. Appliances come with operating voltage and wattage specifications. Proper sizing must be observed when wiring. This toaster, at 850 watts, will require 7 AMPS to operate and the coffee maker, at 1100 watts, will require 9 AMPS.  All appliances must have a receptacle and be cord and plug connected.

The images above depict two kitchen appliances and their voltage and wattage rating


Are you protecting your sensitive electronic equipment?

A surge suppressor is recommended at panel point to increase protection on your equipment. An outlet strip for your equipment should also have surge suppressing capability.

The image above shows a typical surge suppressor installed next to your electrical panel


Are the lamps in your light fixtures sized properly?

All lighting fixtures come with a lamp type and size requirement. Not following these requirements could lead to possible over heating of the wiring.

The images below show a bathroom lighting fixture and the lamp rating


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