The first thing we see as electrical contractors when we come to your home for an electrical review or estimate is normally your service entrance cable.  As trained electricians, we look at the size, condition and safety of the cable as well as how the cable is protected and secured. The size of your service is reflected on the cable.  Your service entrance cable is normally on the exterior of your home and exposed to the elements. With time, your cable can become worn or frayed with age and exposure to weather conditions, compromising the covering of the cable.  If your service cable covering becomes frayed or worn, water could work down through the cable to live parts in your meter or electrical panel. This condition could lead to electric failure, corrosion, or an electrical hazard.

The images below depict the service entrance cable with exposed conductors creating a possible hazard

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These images depict electrical cables which are located in areas exposed to the public.  This is the current condition of the cables.  If your cable is not properly protected from physical damage in areas exposed to the public, it could lead to possible danger for unsuspecting patrons.

The images below depict properly sleeved services protecting the lines from failure

These services were installed by Lauterborn Electric

If your service entrance cable or meter looks like the first 3 images above, do not hesitate contact your licensed electrical contractor, Lauterborn Electric for a free estimate.