Can you tell the difference between  an electrical panel that has been properly wired and one that has not?  If you opened up your panel, could you tell if a qualified electrician wired and installed it?

The images below depict well dressed electrical panels. Wires are neatly squared and grounds (bare copper) and neutrals (white wires) are in their own individual slots. This is the work of a qualified electrician.

Panels wired and installed by Lauterborn Electric

As a Licensed electrical contractor, if I see electrical panels dressed in the manner described above,  I would have a good feeling about the wiring behind your walls. I would be able to tell that proper workmanship and care went into these installations.

The images below depict panels that have been incorrectly dressed. There are multiple wires (double taps) in some of the breakers which could cause an overheating situation. If I was to see electrical panels like this on a job site, I would worry about the quality of the wiring behind the concealed walls.

Panels wired by unknown

Do not let an unknown, unlicensed so-called electrician wire something as important as your home. For all of your electrical needs, contact your licensed electrical contractor at