We were called out to this property because they had lost power to their receptacles on their kitchen counter. When we opened up the boxes, we discovered this improper installation.

The image above depicts a wall box that was fabricated by the unknown installer leaving energized parts exposed behind the walls.

There were 3 receptacles on the counter and each box had one wire (Romex) going to it. The kitchen was not accessible from below and only one wire was going back to the panel.

After an evaluation by Lauterborn Electric, we concluded that a junction box must have been improperly installed under the floor with no access to it.  Also, by (NEC) national electrical codes, kitchen counter receptacles must be on two separate circuits.

Multiple violations were found on this simple kitchen wiring project causing additional expense to the owners for the rewiring.

Do not let someone who does not know the electrical codes wire your home. Contact your licensed electrical contractor at Lauterbornelectric.com for a proper installation.