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Smoke detectors are proven to reduce house fires

by Lauterborn Electric on January 4th, 2011

Each year, there are an estimated 405,000 fires in residential structures which cause nearly 3,600 fatalities, 18,600 injuries and $4.7 billion in property loss. Since 1970, when battery-powered smoke alarmswere first introduced, smoke alarms have become a familiar presence in American homes. By 2000, they were installed in nearly 94% of U.S. households. Studies show that the presence of an operable smoke alarm substantially reduces risk of death in resiĀ­dential fires and property losses are significantly less. 6% of U.S. homes are not equipped with alarms, but 40% of the homes with fires had no installed alarm. For a free consultation from a licensed electrical contractor contact us at (215) 688-8472 or visit us at

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