Lauterborn Electric would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Spending time with your family is important to all during the holiday season. Being a family owned and operated company; we understand the meaning of family.

Decorating for Christmas can bring about a few possible electrical hazards. To ensure that your family and friends are safe during the holidays you should have any Christmas lights that are attached to railings protected by a GFCI. A faulty set of lights could possibly energize a metal railing and lead to electrical shock or burns. A GFCI would detect this and shut off power immediately.

Another problem people run into while decorating is bending over to plug in lights. Adding a switch the control the outlet that has lights plugged into it would save from bending over every time you want to turn on or off lights.

To ensure proper installation of a GFCI or switched outlet, always use a licensed electrical contractor. For all your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to Enlarge.