The way we use electricity today is more complicated than ever. Modern electronic equipment is also more sensitive than ever. We spend thousands of dollars on home electronics, but do not protect them from damage caused by electrical spikes, sags, or power disturbances. Equipment such as televisions, computers, and stereo systems need protection from unwanted electrical surges.  A lightning strike or a power outage can cause permanent damage to our sensitive equipment.

Surge suppressors can protect your electronic equipment from some spikes and surges but cannot protect from all disturbances.  Most suppressors have limited energy handling capabilities and should be used in conjunction with a lightning arrester installed at your electrical panel by a licensed electrical contractor.
Electrical spikes are fast moving surges caused by lightning strikes, power outages or when the electric company re-energizes. These spikes can cause major damage to your electronic equipment. Not having a properly grounded electrical system can cause these spikes to enter your home wiring system creating havoc to sensitive equipment. Lightning arresters are a viable option to limit most of these conditions.
Keeping your expensive equipment or electronics on dedicated electrical circuits protects your equipment from starting and stopping surges caused by major appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners.
Lights dimming or getting brighter in your home could be the result of outdated faulty wiring or major appliances connected together causing sags and surges. These conditions can stress sensitive equipment and shorten their life span.
A dedicated line and a surge suppressor combined with a lightning arrester is a smart way to protect your expensive electronic equipment. For further consultation contact your local Philadelphia electrician, Lauterborn Electric at (215) 688-8472 or visit our web site