The pictures depict the before and after of a service that was recently installed by Lauterborn Electric. The existing service drop was frayed and water was getting into the meter socket causing corrision and compromising live connections. The meter socket was also not totally secured to the wall. The existing electrical panel not only lacked proper workmanship, but breakers were double tapped and were outdated. The grounding was not up to NEC 2008 code.

The new service drop was sleeved in PVC to protect the service entrance cable. The service entrance cable running through the foundation was  sleeved to protect it from physical damage. A new meter socket was installed to replace the corroded one. A backboard was installed to mount the new service panel. The new service panel has a new breaker for every existing circuit and the workmanship is second to none. A ground rod was driven and a ground wire  was ran back to the cold water meter for proper grounding.If your electrical equipment resembles the before pictures, it is time to consult with a licensed electrical contractor.

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